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Picture Gallery/ has founded the CATALYST AWARD a contemporary art award that is given to individuals, projects, and initiatives that, directly or indirectly, have an impact on the contemporary art scene and contribute to the presentation, discussion and mediation of progressive contemporary art. It equally recognizes landmark initiatives without institutional background or support initiatives emerging within an institutional framework. What "progressiveness" actually stands for is not predefined as this fundamental issue – in accordance with the intentions of the founders - is the focus of continuous professional debate. The founding of the award aims to foster a greater collective appreciation of initiatives that are inspiring for the local intellectual community.

In 2010, the founder invited nominations for the CATALYST AWARD in two categories:

1. motor (initiatives that have been started no later than 2009, are active in the relatively long term, and function - or functioned – as a catalyst);
2. novelty (catalyst initiatives in 2010).

Free nominations took place between November 9 and 23, 2010.
Nominations could be placed on the Facebook page of, as well as at the email address The more than 60 nominations were judged by a jury of 7 (Balázs Beöthy, Zsófi Frazon, Dóra Maurer, Levente Polyák, Katarina Sevic, Emese Süvecz, Rita Varga), whose efforts were assisted by a team of consultants.
For the list of nominations see:

The CATALYST AWARD awarded a prize of HUF 500,000 per project, and a prize designed by Balázs Beöthy, a webpage that introduces the professional and inspirational networks of the prize-winners, and an equipment (BluePanther Thunder, MID) which is able to visualize these networks (
The award ceremony took place on December 8, 2010 at the FUGA Budapest Architecture Centrum, together with the AICA award ceremony.

The winners of the award in 2010 were:
MOTOR category: Liget Galéria
The prize was received by the director of the gallery, Tibor Várnagy.

NOVELTY: Crosstalk video presentations
The prize was received by the founder of Crosstalk, Adrien Török.

In 2010 has given a Special Prize to the publication We're not ducks on a lake but ships on a sea edited by IMPEX, Rita Kálmán and Katarina Sević. The book offers readers a hitherto untold story: it endeavors to introduce the independent art scene of Budapest in the past 20 years, mapping out its schemes of organisation, its actors and spaces, in an attempt to understand its autonomy and transience as well as its relationship with the economic and ideological frameworks of society. The editors have received one issue of the postcard series reproducing the photo works of Gitte Villesen and Sebestyén Kodolányi introducing the Fészek Artists’ Club completed with one original photo.
The summary of the event with photos and video interviews can be viewed on (yet only in Hungarian).

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