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Next event of Studio Forum: YouTube lessons

YouTube as a common knowledge archive will serve as the starting point of this evening. How does the visual knowledge transfer and knowledge exchange function, when using web-archives everyone can share their amateur, artistic or documentary videos, which - even by accidental discovery - can appear in very various contexts? We would like to put this new way of knowledge acquisition in the focus of a public event, and thus display a segment of the virtual online community in real time and space.
The participating lecturers, who have applied for an earlier call, are presenting and commenting short YouTube shots.

A selection of Bal√°zs Beothy, Eike, Marcell Esterhazy, Aron Fenyvesi, Dora Halasi, Szabolcs KissPal, Endre Koronczi, Krisztian Kristof, Peter Langmar, Marta Meszaros, Gyorgy Orban, Zsuzsanna Rebeka Pal, Reka Kinga Papp, Janos Sugar, Eszter Agnes Szabo, Szacsva y Pal and others.

Studio Forum is a common initiative of the Studio of Young Artists and, which was launched in November, 2007 at a public event. The activity of the Studio often aimed more than managing and representing the interests of young artists. Through our programs we have provided publicity to questions and problems that concern the whole art scene. The mission of is to initiate and support programs that can trigger structural changes in the Hungarian contemporary art scene.

We believe that only an aligned professional community ready to develop common strategies and action plans can improve the barely powerful positions of the Hungarian contemporary art in both the Hungarian and the international scene. Therefore the Studio and has created a forum that aims to activate the progressive professional community through collective actions that can shape the public sphere.

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