The Politics of Collecting


Today the arts depend on both private and public funding, therefore it seems essential to understand how arts relate to systems of power, to comprehend the interrelationships of economically powerful corporations to public governmental funding agencies, and the way in which they affect the public sphere and current discourses of art.

International examples of public and corporate collections will facilitate to highlight the inherent conflicts and to explore possible alliances. The invited lecturers will present different strategies of working at the interface of public and private/corporate funding politics. Case studies of public museums that activate their collections and benefit both from private and corporate sponsorship on the one hand, and the vulnerability of private collections that are not protected by publicly defined policies on the other hand will be the issues brought up for discussion.

Kortárs Művészeti Intézet – Dunaújváros
2400 Dunaújváros,
Vasmű út 12.
t: 06 25 412 220

Sponsors of the exhibition and the conference:
Erste Bank Group, Municipality of Dunaújváros, National Cultural Fund, Polish Institute

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