Könyvtér (Bookspace) – Private Libraries


Guest: Mária Ambrus
Host: Emese Süvecz
Location: Labor, Képíró street 6., district V., 1053 Budapest
Date: 30/03/2010, 18.00-20.00

Mária Ambrus is a stage designer and architect designs scenery for theatre director Sándor Zsótér, since 1991. As our guest at the first session of Private Library-series, she speaks about the art books, she has been reading recently.

“The relations of art theory and practice has special significance for me. At the beginning of my studies, I read László Moholy-Nagy's Vision in Motion not yet published in Hungarian, using a dictionary. At the university of applied arts, which now bears the name of Moholy-Nagy, a person like him was labelled as “a man of theories”. This book has established my professional thinking. As a stage designer I am engaged in the field of installation. During the evening, I would like to talk about the Phaidon's series on installation artists, (eg. Mona Hatoum, Dan Graham) as well as about the album Psycho Buildings: Artists take on Architecture. I would like to introduce these editions not only by their contents but also according to their generic aspects, as book-objects.” - Mária Ambrus

The series Private Libraries invites the public to look into personal book-collections. The guests present their most significant art readings in an informal conversation.


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