We Are Not Ducks on a Pond, but Ships at Sea

book launch

The independent art scene is rather difficult to pinpoint: its boundaries and definitions are continuously changing as a function of the political, economic and cultural environment.
The book entitled We are Not Ducks on a Pond, but Ships at Sea offers readers a hitherto untold story: it endeavors to introduce the independent art scene of Budapest in the past 20 years, mapping out its schemes of organisation, its actors and spaces, in an attempt to understand its autonomy and transience as well as its relationship with the economic and ideological frameworks of society.

In the 128-page volume, Nina Czegledi, Dóra Hegyi, members of Impex, Jan Kennis, Péter Lowas, József Mélyi, Gergely Nagy, Levente Polyák and Katalin Timár explore the concepts of correction / informality / centre-periphery / chaos – order / community and self-organisation in the form of essays and (self-)interviews.
The book focuses on a special and elusive segment of contemporary Hungarian art and culture through short texts and numerous archive photographs documenting 57 initiatives.
The volume can be purchased at the Budapest book launch at a reduced price.

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