The Exhibition as an Emergent, Co-productive Medium - a lecture by Paul O'Neill


In the framework of the June seminar of the Free School for Art Theory and Practice Paul O'Neill's lecture The Exhibition as an Emergent, Co-productive Medium and Three Principal Categories of Organisation: the Background, the Middle-ground and the Foreground will take place.

The group exhibition-form has become the primary site for curatorial experimentation and, as such, represents a relatively new discursive space around artistic practice. Paul O'Neill will describe how a cumulative and expanding exhibition-form can constitute an investigation into how the curatorial role is made manifest, through cohersive and co-operative exhibition-making structures applied through close involvement with artists during all stages of the exhibition production. This lecture will look at how exhibition create spatial relations between different planes of interaction for the viewer, and how three spatial categories of organisation upon which the group exhibitions can represent this in the final exhibition-form.

Date: June 16. 6 p.m., 2011
Location: Palace of Arts, 1095 Budapest, Komor Marcell u. 1., Ludwig Museum Contemporary Art Museum, 2nd floor


Curating and the Educational Turn - Seminar with Paul O’Neill and Mick Wilson