The Otolith Group: Anathema, 2011

screening and talk with the participation of the artists

The guests of the tranzit. hu Free School for Art Theory and Practice in February are The Otolith Group (Anjalika Sagar and Kodwo Eshun). Within the framework of the Free School, a public event will take pace about the works of The Otolith Group, with the participation of the artists.

Time: February 21, 6.p.m.
Venue: Ludwig Museum Budapest (1095 Komor Marcell u 1), lecture hall

The Otolith Group's new work Anathema (2011) might be understood as an attempt to make visible the archetypal power of what Jodi Dean calls `communicative capitalism' that works by enthralling populations at the level of libido. Anathema recombines magical gestures, isolated from hundreds of advertisements for mobile phones, laptops and flatscreen televisions, from the United Arab Emirates to United States of America and beyond, purchased by the artists. By confronting the gestural regimes of touching and clicking with images of liquid crystal that provides the material substrates for digital screens, by demoralizing the value of the high definition image and by descending beneath the dimension of the high resolution image into the world of post-cinematic abstraction, Anathema can be understood as a prototype for a counterspell assembled from the occult economy of what Isabelle Stengers and Philippe Pignarre call `capitalist sorcery.'

The Otolith Group 2011

Image: Still from Anathema, 2011 by The Otolith Group. Courtesy and copyright the artists.