‘Tell a line what a sphere is’ - Gábor Farkas: horizon self


Gábor Farkas (b. 1965, Szombathely) started his career as a photographer, to join the artist group Újlak as a founding member in 1989. The Újlak Group initially realised actions or installation based, individual or joint works in the abandoned buildings of Budapest (Újlak Cinema, Hungária Bath, 72 Tüzoltó Street), and subsequently also invited local and international artists to present their works at one-night shows.
In 1994, Gábor Farkas left the group, and in 1998, following a crucial journey to Tibet, he left Budapest. He commenced studies in philosophy and has partially withdrawn from the art scene. He occasionally re-appears with exhibitions, such as the one in summer 2005 at Liget Gallery, Budapest, where he presented his large-scale textual canvases. This time, in the Herman Gallery, he shows works of writing on paper, reminiscent of calligraphy. Notions related to perception and the creative process, or collocations created by the artist appear either juxtaposed in the manner of formulas, or in forms that are transcribed until they become indecipherable.