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Project Monument to Transformation

The Monument to Transformation Project focuses on various approaches to the artistic treatment of knowledge and experience relating to processes of transitions in terms of individual, social and political life.
The main objective is to start the interpretation of the changes in Czech society which occurred between 1989 and 2009, with the aid of artistic and theoretical-artistic media. These changes are understood to be the “process of transformation”, as the political, social change in former post-communist states in Central and Eastern Europe is termed.
The intention of the project is to put the geographically and chronologically local changes into context with the transformation processes in countries where similar decisive processes of change have taken or are taking place, or in general with phenomena where transformations of surroundings and changes in how the world is interpreted are happening in human societies.
The flash-point of the project will be an exhibition Monument to Transformation 1989-1968-2009 in 2009 which will take place in The City Gallery of Prague and The Brno House of Art. The exhibition will be followed by a series of 3 round tables and a publication summarizing two and a half years of exhibitions, discussions, works of art, texts and events which have occurred or that we have initiated.

We want to contribute to the discussion of changes that we are experiencing personally, through the creation of a medium in the field of art and art theory which offers an alternative to the generally accepted ideas about what is currently happening in post-communist countries. The important audience for us is first and foremost the domestic cultural scene, which is a natural part of life in the “transformation”, followed by a broad international audience.
One of the intellectual objectives is to redefine the existing geopolitical delimitation in favor of more existential and less geo-political experience with the process of the transformation. The Monument to Transformation follows the experience of transformation with sometime unforeseen proximity of such countries like so called Ex - East Block, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Uruguay, South East Asia.

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