LABOR was founded in September, 2007 as a joint initiative of C³ Centre for Culture & Communication Foundation, the Studio of Young Artists Association (FKSE) and the Hungarian University of Fine Arts (MKE) in place of the former Studio Gallery. In 2009 has joined the collaboration.

LABOR is a platform where the objectives of partner institutions appear jointly:
• support of emerging artists
• projects related to the contemporary art education
• experimental initiatives advancing or reflecting on the structural changes of the contemporary art world
• cooperation between art and the scientific and technical domains
• events organized in the framework of international collaborations
The purpose of the collaboration is to create a flexible, shared (art) space that provides a platform for art research as well as exhibitions, projects and occasional events.

LABOR aims to emphasize the social responsibility of contemporary art and its role in knowledge production. It organizes discursive programs to strengthen the debate- and discussion-culture of the local art world involving other fields of culture. LABOR creates a reading room and a library where current theoretical texts, magazines, and publications on visual culture will be available for research.

LABOR ongoing program series:

Magazine Program - Collaborations between editors of social science magazines and artists;
Private Libraries – presentations by guests on their private libraries relating visual culture
“Notes and Sketches” meeting – artists taking their sketch books for public view
Close Reading - Close readings of theoretical texts;
tranzitbog offline - open editorial events, panel discussions in connection with current issues of tranzitblog

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