Könyvtér program opening at Labor


Könyvtér (Bookspace) is a thematic program series of Labor to collect and present books, journals, fanzines and other publications related to contemporary art. By involving different segments of contemporary culture, the primary aim of Könyvtér is to make the boundaries of art theory and practice the object of permanent reconsideration. Könyvtér offers various programs from readings and workshops to programs for children related to the above mentioned themes – artist books, readers, fanzines, archives. Ignoring the good old “silence please” library rule, the project’s intention is rather to create a suitable atmosphere for informal professional discussions.

Publications on view: magazines from the field of social sciences, readers compiled for the Free School for Art Theory and Practice 2006-2009, design theory and typography related books collected on the occasion of the Typopass. Critical design and conceptual typography project, fanzines, publications by, Studio of Young Artists
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LABOR ongoing program series:

Magazine Program - Collaborations between editors of social science magazines and artists;
Private Libraries – presentations by guests on their private libraries relating visual culture
“Notes and Sketches” meeting – artists taking their sketch books for public view
Close Reading - Close readings of theoretical texts;
tranzitbog offline - open editorial events, panel discussions in connection with current issues of tranzitblog

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