magyar/ at Lake Bánk Festival


In the framework of the collaboration with Marom invited Lilla Khoór and Tímea Oravecz to participate on the festival exhibition. Lilla Khoór is an artist with a feminist perspective, so called research artist, who starts to explore a theme, and creates art works by using and altering scientific methodology. Tímea Oravecz finds her field of interest not through science, but based on her own existence. This is, of course, a state in close inter-dependence of social reality. The strength of Tímea’s works is precisely in her personal tone, in the conscious choice of showing the vulnerability of her own social class as a basis of her art work. She demystifies stereotypes related to artist-existence, and realizes her critique in an international art framework, where she is active since more than a decade. The presented projects deal with “national” and “cosmopolitan” identities, personal and collective tradition.

The work of Lilla Khoór and Will Potter “It is said that…” will be on view in the Mini ABC (Petőfi út 23.). The work of Tímea Oravecz “Container” will be on view in the Youth House, between the church and the municipality building in Bánk.

Bánk is a countryside village nearby the Slovakian border of Hungary, a multilingual community with strong liberal traditions. This is illustrated by the cultural history of Lake Bánk Summer Camp which roots back to the ‘30ies when a liberal pedagogue Eszter Leveleki run her private summer camp for Budapest middle class children till the end of the ‘70ies. Among the childern were Holocaust survivors, orphans as well as avoiding political intervention, few kids of the establishment too. Many of the participants from Leveleki’s camp later become prominent cultural figures in Hungary. Marom Club Assosiation is a Jewish cultural NGO, a unique cultural enterprise on its own, promoting the idea of anti-essentialist perception of cultural identity providing platforms for different cultural backgrounds, socially sensitive groups and urban alternative scenes. During summer the Budapest alternative scene goes to Bánk so does with two site-specific projects.

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