Anders Kreuger: Art of the Possible. A Case Study of Curatorial Practice

lecture & discussion

Art of the Possible. A Case Study of Curatorial Practic
The current exhibition at Lund Konsthall, featuring Miriam Bäckström (Sweden), Ion Grigorescu (Romania), Arturas Raila (Lithuania) and the Raqs Maedia Collective (India) looks at different ideas of ’the possbile’. What is possible in art? Is anything impossible? Loosely based on on the philospohy of Henri Bergson (1859-1941), ’Art of the Possible’ may be seen as a ’report’ on my theoretical research on curatorial practice. The ’operational’ concepts of articulation, illustration, self-reflection and speculation are crucial to the practice of the participating artists and to the exhibition.

Anders Kreuger
Sweden, born 1965, curator at Lund Konsthall and researcher at the Malmö Art Academy and the Södertörn University College. Independent curator and writer since 1999. Curator of the 6th Periferic Biennial in Iasi, Romania, 2003, and of several other international exhibitions. Director of NIFCA, the Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art, in Helsinki 1997-99. Director of the Nordic Arts Centre in HElsinki 1995-97. Director of the Nordic Information Office in Vilnius 1991-95.

The Free School for Art Theory and Practice seminar of Anders Kreuger will take place in Fall 2007.