Zsuzsa László

Zsuzsa László is a researcher, curator, and art critic. She is curator at (since 2009) and completing a PhD in Art Theory at the Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. In her research and curatorial activities she explores the interconnections of contemporary and avant-garde art, exhibition theory and history, institutional critique, and cultural and social history

She has recently co-curated various tranzit. hu projects, including: Art Always has its Consequences, 2008–2010; Recuperating the invisible Past (2010-2012); Regime Change—Incomplete Project, 2012–, Creativity Exercises, 2014–2015. Between 2008–2012, she was lecturer at the Intermedia Department of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, and between 2005–2007 at the Institute for Art Theory and Media Studies, ELTE, Budapest. Previously she was the assistant curator of Periferic 8, Iasi, 2008; the program manager of the Studio of Young Artists, Budapest (2006–2008) and worked as an art mediator of the Watershed Visual Education Foundation (2004–2006).