Urban Camp again at The Space of Opportunity


Date: 12-15 July 2023. (Wednesday – Saturday)

Location: Práter 63 (1083 Budapest, Práter u. 63.) and its neighbourhood

Deadline of the registration: July 9, 2023, midnight

“Onward he mov’d, I close his steps pursu’d.”
Dante Alighieri: The Divine Comedy

Urban Camp, the summer art camp of the Space of Opportunity, is back for its second edition. In its debut, last summer, we experienced and investigated the built, urban environment empirically, through our senses. Together with the participants, we tried to find out how exactly we were present in our urban environment, i.e., what and how we perceived, highlighting our relationship with ourselves and our environment.

In this second edition of the Urban Camp, we invite participants for a “descent” – a kind of deep drilling exercise, a collective dive into the hidden layers of history. The motif of descent serves as a reference to Dante’s timeless piece of work. Similarly, to the poet who descends to hell accompanied by his “master”, Virgil, we immerse ourselves in the thick of history, providing space for acts of confrontation, learning, (re-)discovery and “creation”. This year we are also going to focus on the relationship between ourselves and our environment, a system of relations we already touched upon last year, however, this time, we are approaching the question from a historical perspective.

Our community space, Práter 63 or, more broadly, the neighbourhood of Práter street, is on the crossroads of several historical events and memories. To cite only a few examples, this is where the “first public war memorial” of the First World War, the quite controversial Fountain of Peace was inaugurated, the more than 250-year-old botanical garden, Füvészkert, is within arm’s reach, and Ferenc Molnár’s world-famous characters, the members of the Putty Club and the Redshirts, also fought their “battles” here. In the series of workshops, we are going to explore stories – both familiar and unknown – using the methodologies of art (history), textual and photo documents, as well as “living archives”.

During the Camp, we are also going to widen our perspective and investigate contemporary, so far undocumented events. What kind of stories and narratives can we find behind the historical imprints? How can we connect to stories we are not personally involved in? How do we relate to these memories, what kind of knowledge do we have about them? These are only some of the areas we are going to explore in this second edition of the Urban Camp.

The team of the Space of Opportunity – Judit Árva art historian, Kitti Gosztola artist, Zsófia Puszt photographer and art-mediator
Museum of Józsefváros – Péter Forgách museum educator
Oksana Briukhovetska artist, curator (Kiev),
Kaos Camping – Nándor Hevesi and Csaba Vándor artists

Concept: Judit Árva

We are primary accepting applications from young people between the age of 16 and 35, but the camp is opened for anyone. The workshops do not require art historical, artistic qualification or training, and we are especially happy for applicants who did not have contact or experience with the field of art before. The condition for participation in the camp is that the applicant participates in at least 3 out of the 4 days.
Application deadline: 9th of July, midnight.
Please, apply here. (The language of the form is Hungarian, if you need any help to fill, please contact us)

Participation fee:
The recommended donation is 10.000 HUF but you can also participate for a lower amount or in return for voluntary work. Your donation supports programmes of the Space of Opportunity and the work of the contributors.

Graphic design: Réka Neszmélyi