Branislav Dimitrijevic, Belgrade: Towards the Kunsthistorisches Mausoleum: Work-of-art as an Artefact

lecture & discussion

As it is asserted in the only written statement issued by the Mausoleum, “if the history is the way we have chosen to remember the past, then this Mausoleum is the place where we could remember the remembering itself.” This position is a position of distance, a position which is outside of narratives it assembles, re-materializes, re-contextualizes and displays.
This “post-art” anthropological display may be associated with the current exhibition in Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin under the title What is Modern Art? with the participation of A. H. Barr, W. Benjamin, A. Bode, K. Malevich, P. McCray, D. Miller, P. Mondrian, Salon de Fleurus, International Exhibition of Modern Art, Museum of Modern Art and Museum of American Art in Berlin. The aim of the lecture is a “pseudo-apostolic” attempt to spread out information about this display and to examine its position in relation to similar un-authored or confusingly-authored ventures appearing within the framework we call “contemporary art”.

Branislav Dimitrijevic (Belgrade, 1967) is art historian, writer and curator. He is Senior Lecturer at the School for Art and Design (VSLPUb) in Belgrade and the Associate Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade. He received his formal education at the University of Belgrade (Faculty of Philosophy, BA in Art History) and at the University of Kent (MA in History and Theory of Art, with Prof. Stephen Bann). In 1999 he co-founded the School for History and Theory of Images, an independent educational project in Belgrade. He has been publishing essays on contemporary art and theory of art, film and visual culture. Most recent publications: International Exhibition of Modern art feat. A. Barr’s Museum of Modern Art (ed.), MOCAb, Belgrade, 2003; On Normality: Art in Serbia 1989-2001 (ed.), MOCAb, Belgrade, 2005. Most recent curatorial projects: Situated Self: Confused Compassionate, Conflictual (2005, with M. Hannula), Pavilion Yugoslavia (Biennale di Venezia, 2003, with B. Andjelkovic and D. Sretenovic), etc. He has been working on a PhD thesis on “Consumer Culture in the Socialist Yugoslavia” with Professor Milena Dragićević ešić at the University of Arts in Belgrade, and collaborated on a research project “Post Communist Condition” with Boris Groys.

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