Lecture by Lars Bang Larsen and Soren Andreasen

lecture and discussion

In the framework of the Free School for Art Theory and Practice

Populism, Synthetic Behaviour and The Echo Show
Lars Bang Larsen and Soren Andreasen present and discuss their curatorial and artistic practices

Date: May 18, 2007 7 p.m.
Place: KÉK_Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre - Budapest, VII. Nefelejcs u.26.

Lars Bang Larsen

Born in 1972. Lives in Frankfurt and Copenhagen.

Writing Ph.D. in Global Psychedelia, Űnstitute of Art History, University of Copenhagen 2007-10, MA in art history and history of literature, University of Aarhus. Guest teacher at several art academies, guest professor at Kungliga Konsthögskolan, Stockholm, 2006-07. Editor of the art magazines Siksi, NU in the 1990s, regular contributor to Afterall, Artforum Űnternational, and Frieze. Curator of several exhibitions and seminars, recent 2006/7: co-organizer of Űdeas and Processes. 4 seminars on contemporary art production, Royal Danish Art Academy, Copenhagen, 2005: Co-curator of Populism. Group show at Frankfurter Kunstverein and other sites. Published the books: HK. On the project Heroin Kills by Joanne Tatham and Tom O'Sullivan, 2003; Sture Johannesson. About the 1960s psychedelic art of Sture Johannesson, 2002.

Soren Andreasen

Born 1964. Lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. Visual artist and writer. Participant of international exhibitions. Part of the art-collective Koncern (1989-93) and has been collaborating with rasmus knud (Sebastian Schiorring and Johannes Christoffersen) 1999-2006. Has produced texts for various magazines and publications, and published a series of leaflets (i.e. SYNTHESIZER, 2001, and CIVIC, 2003) and the book Session Work (Pork Salad Press, 2005) with rasmus knud. Curator of several and teaches at The Jutland Academy of Fine Art, Aarhus, Denmark.