The situation of the Russian contemporary art, the potentials of art activism – a lecture by Chto delat? / What is to be done? group and screening in the Stúdió

free school for art theory and practice

As a joint program of the November seminar of the Free School for Art Theory and Practice lecture of the Chto delat? / What is to be done? group and the screening of the film ‘Protest Match’ will take place on November 2, from 7 p.m. in Stúdió Galéria. (1077 Bp. Rottenbiller u.35.)

Lecturers: Dmitry Vilensky – artist, David Riff – critic, artist

Chto delat? is a collective artistic platform, and the name of a Russian-English newspaper, published by a group of artists of the same name. Chto delat? opens a space between theory, art and activism with the goal of politicizing all three.
The lecturers will introduce the economic and social changes of the last 5 years, the situation of the Russian contemporary art and the Chto delat? initiative, and the participants can look at the film ‘Protest Match’, which was made during the G-8 meeting in St. Petersburg in 2006, and is processing the story of a failed political protest.


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