tranzit. hu action day - April: What to do?

Forum on the prospects of contemporary art’s institutional structure in Hungary, in closer and larger cultural contexts

Time: April 19, 2013, 6 pm
Venue: Mayakovsky 102, the open office of tranzit. hu, 1068 Budapest, Kiraly utca 102.

Invited Organizations and Groups:

Studio of Young Artists’ Association (FKSE), Board,
Free Műcsarnok/ Kunsthalle, Facebook group
Association of Independent Performative Art, representatives
József Attila Circle Literary Association of Young Writers, Board
Hungarian Theatre Society, representatives
Műértő – Art Magazine, editor-in-chied, Gábor Andrási
International Association of Art Critics, Hungarian Section Boeard
Művészeti Összefogás (United for Art)
Fund for National Art of Hungary (NMA), representatives
Free Artists

Moderated by:

Gergő Birtalan, Student Network
Máté Kerényi, Student Network
Emese Süvecz, tranzit. hu

The event is public and open for all.

As a reaction to the current situation of cultural policy in Hungary, we are organizing a forum, engaging also organizations outside of contemporary visual art. During the forum we are focusing on one issue: What to do? The “for what” and “how” are the objects of the discussion. We are inviting all contemporary visual art organizations, associations, forums, and groups, which are currently active politically. We also endeavor to engage organizations of other artistic fields which are politically active and whom we know of, in order to facilitate self-reflection and network formation

Prior to the discussion, and as a warm-up, the groups and individuals present their respective activities, and put forward their short-term and long-term plans for the future, within the time frame the forum collectively allocates. The organizations and individuals also share their obstacles and difficulties. The program is realized with the help of individuals experienced in the practice of making a forum. We plan to organize an action day each month (except for the summer break); thus continuity is at its core. This first occasion is a pilot event, which will be further adjusted together with, and in accordance with, the participants and their needs. We are focusing on the institutional system of contemporary visual art in Hungary, as well as (its) mediation to a broader social sphere.

The name of the event refers to the mission of the project: the primary aims are to share practical tools, to build tactical coalitions, and to foster political awareness. We would like to create an event that is organized together with the participants, and which, at the same time, mediates between individuals and advocacy groups active outside the field of contemporary visual art.

Image: Vigyázat, kultúrpuccs (Beware, Culture Putsch!)/ Protest MMA#3 / Free Artists , Budapest, Műcsarnok/ Kunsthalle, Dec 28, 2012. Photo by Gabriella Csoszó (FreeDoc)