magyar/ action day - September

Forum on the Prospects of Contemporary Art’s Institutional Structure in Hungary, in Closer and Larger Cultural Contexts

Time: September, 2013, 6 pm to 9 pm
Venue: Mayakovsky 102, the open office of tranzit. hu, 1068 Budapest, Kiraly utca 102.

As a reaction to the current situation of cultural policy in Hungary, we are organizing a forum, engaging also organizations outside of contemporary visual art.

Proposed agenda:

1. The issue of the new museum-quarter-to-be in Budapest - working group presentation
2. Online/offline communication, community building

Moderated by : Gazsi Papp and Anna Wessely

For the action day series,, with the help of the activists of the Student Network (informal and self-organized network of students throughout the Hungary, which launched in 2011 as a new advocacy form of students), organizes monthly forums for one full year for—and with the participation of—contemporary art experts and professionals in the open office of The forum is a community platform of informal decision making and action preparation, where a relatively large group of people can make decisions about individual or group action efficiently and democratically. The forum creates online communication interfaces and initiates concrete working groups, whose activities it also coordinates. Our key tools for facilitating networking and participation include following the projects / issues that participants are involved in, organizing action days, and personally addressing individuals of various tastes and political orientation who are away but may be interested.

Inspired by the objectives of the Human Platform (a newly established federation that gathers NGOs and private individuals from different professions with the aim of providing effective advocacy platform for its members; tranzit. hu is one of the founding members of the Human Platform), the project bases its activity on the belief that in order for advocacy of interests to be successful and effective, it must be radically rethought in terms of form and framework. In addition to organization within the professional sphere, the aim is to lay the foundation for collaborative work between various fields of art and / or humanities. Some of the currently pertinent issues which prompt rethinking include such government practices as only partially incorporating—or completely ignoring—the suggestions or recommendations of civil experts during the lawmaking process, as well as employing salami tactics to turn professional civic organizations against each other, thereby silencing them. The following organizations are invited to the action day: Studio of Young Artists Association (FKSE), AICA, József Attila Circle – Literary Association of Young Writers (JAK), Free Artists, Hungarian Theatre Society, Free Műcsarnok Facebook Group, Autonomy of Art in Hungary (NEMMA) blog, Art Student Network (MUHAHA), MUHAHA – DELTA Group, United for Art, National Arts Foundation (NMA), Alliance for Independent Performing Arts (FESZ), Human Platform, Studio of Young Photographers (FFS).

Photo by Zoltán Kerekes