Project presentation of the Artists at Schools program / Visual Culture and Environmental Design Working Group

One of the winners of the 2014 Artists at Schools program and call for participation is the Visual Culture and Environmental Design Working Group. The working group emerged from the collaboration of students of the Advanced College of Art and Art Theory (Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest) and of the Advanced College of Architecture (Budapest University of Technology). The objective of the working group’s project is to examine visual culture and environmental design education in secondary schools. Lifelike scenarios and approaching everyday situations from different perspectives have been primary considerations in selecting the topics. During work sessions, topic supervisors seek to employ environment-shaping exercises in educational situations in order to search, together with the students, for alternative approaches, solutions and formats of collaboration.

The working group held activities in several secondary schools in Budapest, where they discussed numerous community issues. The topics of the discussions were urban space – subjective atlas, public monuments – designing monuments, a classroom before remodeling, and circle as a group formation.

At the project presentation, alternative approaches to visual culture and environmental design education were examined and the documentation of the activities were exhibited. Also, a new drawing tool, developed by the working group, was presented at the event.

Facebook event

Photos of the event

Participating schools in the project:
Deák Square Lutheran Secondary School, Budapest
Neumann János Secondary School Specialized in Information Technology, Budapest
Radnóti Miklós Teacher Training Primary and Secondary School, Budapest

Working group members:
Orsolya Barna, Sára Dányádi, Dorka Esze, Eszter Molnár, Bence György Pálinkás, Klára Sarbak, Panka Tüdős, Miklós Zsámboki

Project led by Orsolya Barna

Photo by Tulisz Hajnalka

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