Miklós Mécs’s Artists at Schools 2014 project presentation

“The ‘artist’ moves into one of the classrooms—or a small room or utility shed—of the school. He sleeps and wakes there, and does what it is inevitable, s/he lives.”

In the framework of the 2014 Artists at School program, with the support of, artists and students realize projects together in which the artistic process is carried out along democratic principles. At the time of the school year’s 0th class, artist Miklós Mécs will present his Correction Class project he realized at the Dobó Katalin High School in Esztergom.

Join us for breakfast after the presentation!

Video report of the project and Miklós Mécs’s work by Artyčok, with English subtitles

“During my time spent working in kindergartens, and conducting children’s activities at the GYIK Art Studio for Children and Youth and at the Studio of Young Artists’ Association, it became clear to me that my efforts at educating can only be successful if I behave as an initiating and active partner. So, I start puttering around, doing something that interests me, which may rouse the interest of those around me. If someone wants to, they can participate and help shape the activity. Not only getting from (a thousand) one to (a thousand) two can be a commendable achievement: getting from (a hundred and) two to (a hundred and) one can be just as impressive.” (Miklós Mécs)

Image: Artyčok