Király Tamás '80s – book launch / party

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Time: September 18, 2017, 7–10 pm
Venue: Hungarian Photography Association, Belgrád rkp. 17, 5th floor
Music: Küss Mich (Splatter & Gördön)

Király Tamás '80s
Hungarian- and English-language publication

Edited by Gyula Muskovics & Andrea Soós
Authors: David Crowley, Jan Kromschröder, Tamás Király & Marianna E. Padi, Gyula Muskovics, Andrea Soós

Graphic design: Virág Bogyó

Tamás Király (1952–2013) came to light with his cutting-edge fashion performances at the beginning of the 1980s in the underground scene of Budapest. The counter-fashion designer, who mixed fashion with elements of the fine arts and of theater, gained his first international success in that decade.

In 2014, we organized the exhibition Open Doors: Király Tamás ’80s at, mostly showing materials sourced from private collections. The aim of this publication is to augment the documents we unearthed during our research with a variety of perspectives that could aid the further interpretation of Király’s early years. This book features images, documents, and texts that provide insight into the last few years prior to the collapse of the socialist regime. They evoke a period when artists in opposition, whose work belonged to the „tolerated” category, would still congregate in the Young Artists’ Club (Fiatal Művészek Klubja, Andrássy Boulevard, Budapest), yet to pose publicly in a hat that resembled the Parliament’s dome with a red star on top—like Király and his models did—no longer elicited any retaliation from the authorities.

Image: The King of Avant-Garde, fashion show, 1987, Körcsarnok (Circle Hall), Budapest. Photo: Attila Vécsy, courtesy of Iliász Dávid Király