Urban Camp at The Space of Opportunity

Five days, five artists, five senses

Date: 18-22 July 2022 (Monday to Friday)

Location: Práter 63 (1083 Budapest, Práter u. 63.) and parks and squares nearby

The first, summer art camp of Space of Opportunity has an experiential, empirical approach. For five consecutive days, we are going to explore our senses and our environment with the help of guest artists, using the tools and the language of art. Dealing with visual arts, sight is of primary importance but what about touch, smell, hearing and taste? Throughout the camp, we are going to activate all our senses to explore important and exciting ecological issues.

Ecology – a term coined by Ernst Haeckel, German biologist, in 1869 – is the study of living things, i.e. animals, plants and micro-organisms, and their relationship to the environment. The relationship between living organisms and their environment is constantly modified by human activity, which keeps altering the living conditions, either directly or indirectly. As a result of the series of crises that characterise the present epoch, humans are being forced to realise that the structures we are familiar with are dissolving. Whatever there is and whatever we know is merely temporary.

For us, city dwellers, our living space is defined by the built environment, by the squares and the parks but what kind of relationship do we have with this environment? How do we relate to its individual parts? Do we see the small details? If yes, what kind of meaning do they carry for us? Are we actually present in this environment or do we move around unconsciously, following our instincts? In our summer camp, we are going to explore the urban environment and its elements in different ways with each of our senses, investigating how and what we feel. Experience and perception are key.

Create it, live it, experience it – feel it!

Participating artists: Esteban de la Torre, Csilla Hódi, Gyula A. Kovács, Miklós Mécs, Dorottya Poór

Judit Árva