Artists at Schools 2015

Please note that the application is open to Hungarian speaking artists .

This year, we continue the Artists at Schools project, which was originally announced as a pilot project in 2012, and is based on the collaboration between artists and schools.

In the current political and economic situation, the changes made with respect to education concern steps towards centralization, a decrease in the autonomy of schools, and an orientation towards discipline, authority and performance. Art education is pushed to the background, while less and less space is allowed for individual opinions, critical thinking, creativity, experimentation, and play.

The objective of Artists at Schools is to raise and deploy the concept of democracy and its principles of operation with the concurrent use of the potentials of art and critical pedagogy within educational practices
Open Call

With the projects to be ralized, we are looking for answers to questions, such as:
- What role can artists and their knowledge have in teaching democratic and critical thinking?
- What role can artists have in teaching in a school setting?
- How can democratic principles prevail in collaborative efforts between artists and students?

Within the framework of Artists in Schools, artists and students create collaborative projects, in which the creative process is carried out along democratic principles.

The project to be realized can be:
- a shared work of the artist and the students
- the students’ own project, realized with the help of the artist
- a project by the artist that is realized in collaboration with the students

The projects offer students an opportunity to become familiar, through meeting and working together with an artist, with a type of thinking that questions stereotypes or the acceptance of statements resulting from routine or the compulsion to conform. In these projects, art appears not as an isolated field, but as a medium that fosters one’s sense of critique and responsibility, and facilitates the practice of freedom.

In selecting the applications, the understanding of the project as a local catalyst—taking into account the circumstances of, and possibilities available to, the school—means an advantage. Furthermore, projects whose concept contains elements that make longer-term artist-school collaborations conceivable (e.g. including in the project themes/elements of self-organization, self-teaching circle, advocacy, and solidarity) are also preferred.

Artists in Schools does not support the instrumentalization of its participants (i.e. neglecting in any form the particular study/participation needs of the participants); it emphasizes the importance of providing students with agency.


For the Artists at schools call artists or art groups can apply in collaboration with a school of their choice. By the time of the application the artist(s) should have a school that has accepted the collaboration. To facilitate the meeting of artists and schools, organizes a matchmaking event on June 16, 2015.

Practical conditions

Artists in Schools projects should be realized in the period between September and December 2015. Project documentations will be presented and experiences will be discussed at the end of 2015 - beginning of 2016.

Documentation (publication, website, or video)—which can be made by the artist or in collaboration with the students is an important and necessary part of the project.

To submit an application, please include the following:

- project plan, which contains the concept of the project to be realized
- approximate work schedule (divided into teaching units) and description of required materials (these can be approximate, to be made more precise later)
- approximate budget plan, which includes materials and production costs
- certificate issued by the school that the institutions collaborates with the artist

Project budget:
Gross sum of HUF 500,000, which includes the costs of realization and documentation (in Hungarian and English), and the fee.

In 2015, two projects will be realized.

Please submit applications at by June 30, 2015. This is also the email address for all inquires related to the project.

Concept by Judit Angel, Dóra Hegyi, Lilla Khoór

Image: Visual Culture and Environmental Design Working Group
Photo by Hajnalka Tulisz