Tranzit Quarter 2: András Ravasz


The investigation of extraterrestrial intelligence is not carried out for the purposes of establishing contact with aliens, but in order to enhance communication with ourselves, since we wish to examine our thinking about things that fall outside the domain of our thinking.
Text and music written (based on the writings of John D. Barrow, Paul Davis and Kurt Vonnegut) by: András Ravasz
with the participation of: Gábor Albert, Szofija Sztepanov, Csaba Uglár

András Ravasz applies a wide range of media in his artistic work, with special emphasis on electronic audio works.
Over the past 15 years he has produced sound installations, experimental musical videos, animations, stage design, and musical montages.
This feature was created on the basis of a work featured at the international Space Art exhibition at Budapest’s Millenáris Cultural Centre in spring 2005.