Moving by Standing— at the Bánkitó (Lake Bánk) Festival

Time: July 17-19., 2014.
Venue: Bánkitó Festival, Lake Bánk

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Lifebelt—The possibilities of effective critique in contemporary art (picnic & forum)

Time: July 18 , 2014. 5 pm.
Venue: Bánkitó Festival, Lake Bánk. Gathering by the lakeside, then taking to the waters with paddle boats and beach mattresses

tranzit. hu, participating for the fourth time at the Bánkitó (Lake Bánk) Festival, invited this year artists Gábor Erlich, Miklós Mécs, and Hajnalka Tulisz to realize a joint project at the Bánkitó (Lake Bánk) Festival, which investigates the possibilities and boundaries of artistic practice. Through different artistic identities the project examines if art is able to achieve direct changes and how an artist can be effective or even useless in public space.

On the first day of the festival, on July 17, Miklós “useless artist” Mécs and Hajnalka “needless artist” Tulisz will depart from Budapest to Bánk on foot and will arrive in Bánk on the last day of the festival (July 20). The Sated March from Budapest to Bánk can be followed at, the book of the artists that documents their walk will be published on the visual culture blog (

The application for the artists’ call is open until July 16, 2014, noon. Applicants have to provide an optional term that describes what kind of artists they are, and has to be added to the list at Non-artists and non-art artists are also welcome to apply! The prize is a ticket to the festival, in limited numbers.

Gábor “useful artist” Erlich will select five participants and will follow their festival days. The program entitled BánkBrother—Festival Reality Show not only documents the event, but the artist, as an active contributor, will also connect the participants with NGO-s, will recommend programs, and make interviews. You can apply also until July 16, noon at A related program, called Lifebelt—The possibilities of effective critique in contemporary art will take place on July 18, at 5 pm. The picnic and forum on the lake is an opportunity for discussion as well. The reports will be aired from July 17 until July 19 on the tranzitblog (

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Photo by Hajnalka Tulisz