Call for participation: Residence Ybus

A Catalyst Award 2014 project

Artist Hajnalka Tulisz’s project Residence Ybus is realized in the framework of the 2014 Catalyst Award. Public Benefit Association’s subsidiary, the Non-Public-Benefit Association announces a call for participation for people and groups of people. The destination of the journey is not defined; however, the means of transportation, a recreational vehicle (caravan), is provided by the announcer.

Time of departure: February 29, 2016. This date cannot be modified.

The application must contain the itinerary (how the application plans to spend his/her time during the journey) and an approximate budget for the gas consumption (It can also be 0 liters and 0 HUF!)

During evaluation, priority will be given to applicants, who deem they must run on a fool’s errand, and about which they can also convince the jury.

Please send applications at by December 7, 2015.

Photo by Hajnalka Tulisz

Catalyst Award 2014