Script for a Silent Movie

The photos of Gitte Villesen and Sebestyén Kodolányi

The work "Script for a Silent Movie", consisting of 22 photos and script was commissioned by Műcsarnok / Kunsthalle, Budapest for the exhibition "Dreamlands Burn", 2006. All photos are from the Fészek Artists Club, which was founded in 1901, and, for a long time, it was an important cultural center of Budapest. During the 1960s the club went through an extensive renovation that gave it the style it has today.
The postcard edition of the series was produced by, which occasionally organized exhibitions and other activities at the Fészek Artist Club. Postcards are packed in paperboxes, each box contains all the 12 postcards and the description of the project.

English edition
Authors: Gitte Villesen – Sebestyén Kodolányi
City: Budapest
Year: 2007
Pages: 13
Price: 10 € / 2200 HUF