The Lunch (in memoriam Batu Khan)

Happening Budapest H 1966

The publication makes available the so far unpublished documents of the first happening in Hungary, The Lunch (in memoriam Batu Khan) that was conducted in 1966 by Gábor Altorjay and Tamás Szentjóby. The 56 page English-Hungarian booklet contains photos of the event and facsimiles of preliminary notes and the invitation card, as well as Gábor Altorjay's recollection of the happening, Tamás Szentjóby's essay and Gábor Altorjay's theses on the genre of happening, and a 2009 interview with Tamás St.Auby.

English - Hungarian edition
Authors: Gábor Altorjay, Dóra Hegyi, Zsuzsa László, et al.
Editors: Zsuzsa László, Tamás St.Turba
Translated by: Csaba Polonyi
City: Budapest
Year: 2011
Pages: 56
ISBN/ISSN: 97896308090
Price: 8 € / 1984 HUF