The Space of Opportunity

Community based educational program and common space

In 2019 started to develop a community based educational program with the involvement of artists and cultural workers. The Space of Opportunity is an initiative in which young people between the ages of 14 and 26 can join an outside school community with the aim of reducing inequalities which are frequently reproduced in the education system. Since late fall 2020 we have been renovating a 130-m2 space, Práter 63, rented from the municipality to be found in Budapest’s 8th district, where young people can join activities based on art education and democratic pedagogy. Playing on the boundaries of art, learning and experiencing, these activities support young people in gaining self-knowledge about their personal resources and areas of interest through experiential artistic techniques and methods. They gain personal experience of the constructive potential of the community, and are provided with a chance to develop into mature, socially responsible and dedicated young people. We build an open, inclusive and free environment – a space of previously unrecognized opportunities.

WHO ARE YOU? Challenge for secondary school students
The Space of Opportunity first opens online with the challenge WHO ARE YOU? The call for applications, which, building on participation, self-expression, thinking and creating together, is open for all secondary school students. Image, moving image, text, sound pieces are welcome until April 18, 2021.

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