#10 Mezosfera is out

Write or Be Written Off: Publishing as Empowerment in Art and Culture

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# 10 of Mezosfera, the online magazine on arts and culture published by was launched in February 2022. Due to the pandemic this issue took two years to be published, but finally it is here!

Read stories from four continents about publications whose mission was or is to challenge the establishment (be it professional or political), bring about (social) change, and devise non-hegemonic structures of operation: #10 Write Or Be Written Off

Edited by: Dóra Hegyi

Thanks to all who contributed to the concept, and to co-editors, authors and peer reviewers!

Mezosfera’s program “Building International Alliance Through Mezosfera, 2019–2020” includes special thematic issues and launch events. The project is supported by the Foundation for Arts Initiatives.

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