METASITU: A Walk In Ecumenopolis

Free School for Art Theory and Practice - A Performative Tour Of The Global City

METASITU: A Walk In Ecumenopolis
A Performative Tour Of The Global City
Budapest, Ecumenopolis

Time: November 5, 2016, 6 pm to 8 pm
Meeting point: Mayakovsky 102, the open office of tranzit. hu, 1068 Budapest, Király utca 102.

The walk with METASITU comprises stops in Budapest that not only foreground the historical, economical, and socio-political processes that govern the particular places. They are also set against the background of other international examples, from Maseru, to New York, Beirut, Cochabamba, and Novi Petrivtsi, which are cast by similar processes to their counterparts in Budapest. The walk thus highlights the idea that while architecture, design, and urban development may seem localized, they are not isolated instances but follow a global pattern.


METASITU is a collective for developing future urban strategies, founded in 2014 by Eduardo Cassina, an architect and urban sociologist trained in the United Kingdom, South Africa, The Netherlands, and China and Liva Dudareva, a landscape architect trained in Latvia, Sweden, and Scotland. Since METASITU’s conception Ecumenopolis—the idea that the whole world is one continuous city— has been the group's underlying conceptual framework and the main drive for their projects: a range of tactics that challenge traditional ideas and definitions of “the urban condition.” While in the beginning, the duo was nomadic, since 2015, their base is in Athens. Shape-shifting and the tactical use of transdisciplinarity are key to the modus operandi of METASITU: depending on the particular context they are in, they are equally engaged with the practices of an urban researcher, an artist, a curator, and an educator, while being neither of them by occupation.

The walk is organized in relation to METASITU's exhibition Ecumenopolis – The Whole World Is One City at

To participate in the walk, please register by November 4, 2016 at

The walk will take place in English.

Consultants for the Budapest stops: Anna Balázs and Mátyás Csiszár

Image: METASITU, Vocabulary for Ecumenopolis (detail), 2014

METASITU: Ecumenopolis – The Whole World Is One City