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Community space under 63 Práter Street

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From 20 September 2021, the Space of Opportunity welcomes young people to spend their time, learning, reading, listening to music or just lazing around. We’re open from 2 pm till 6 pm on weekdays, and also offer workshops on specific days from 5 pm, where there’s a chance to make art together, discuss philosophy, to take part in movement class and mediation. Details are available in Hungarian at

The theme for Autumn 2021 is #transgressingsilence. With this topic we would like to invite young people to give a thought to what it means in practice to be accepting of those you live with, and how to overcome passivity so as to actively shape your own life and the world around you.

The space at 63 Práter Street, which we rent from the Municipality of Józsefváros, Budapest’s 8th District, was renovated with the assistance of the architectural studio Dekon Design and Construction (Zsófia Farkas and József Farkas), who gave us a pro bono visual plan and advice during the construction. Decked out in a minimalist, industrial-style, the 130 sqm community space occupies two floors and accommodates five different functions, giving home to a library and conference room, a cinema room, a community kitchen and meeting space, a room for creative activities, and a media room. In addition to the planned functions, the rooms can also be used for exhibitions, movement/dance sessions and theatre performances.

The new community space will also be a venue for public events, as film screenings, exhibitions, discussions, debates, theatre performances and book presentations. In future beside the young people the local community will be also invited to form the program.

About the Space of Opportunity:

In 2019 tranzit. hu started to develop a community based educational program with the involvement of artists and cultural workers. The Space of Opportunity is an initiative in which young people between the ages of 14 and 26 can join a community outside the school with the aim of reducing inequalities which are frequently reproduced in the education system.

In late autumn 2020 we began to renovate a 130-sqm space, Práter 63, which we rent from the municipality of Budapest’s 8th District, and now young people can participate in activities based on art education and democratic pedagogy. Positioned at the borderland between art, learning and experiencing, these activities support young people to recognize their personal resources and areas of interest. They gain first-hand experience of the constructive potential of the community, and are supported on their way to becoming mature, socially responsible and dedicated young people.