Can we bridge political divides?

First showing of the film and discussion

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About the project:

Can we bridge political divides? We sought to answer the question with a four-part socio-drama series, organised at the time of the 2022 Hungarian parliamentary elections. We invited people to participate in our workshops from the whole of the political spectrum, but in the end, only people who considered themselves either “oppositional” or “neutral” signed up. Our film documents the process of how participants opened their eyes to the fact that the political borders permeating their everyday interactions, friendships and family relations had been fossilised by reflexes, projections, biases, fears and self-defence mechanisms and how it was actually possible to take a step towards overcoming these already more or less social reflexes.

We used sociodrama, an excellent, democratic method, to expose problems and think systematically in a safe environment, where group members can investigate different perspectives and try out a number of strategies and scenarios. We have tested in laboratory conditions what it would be like if we started handling things a bit differently: What if we listened to each other, what if we went for a walk in someone else's shoes?

For the discussion accompanying the screening, we invited social scientists and film professionals to reflect on the film from the perspective of their own research and work.

First showing of the film and discussion

Date: 2022. június 9., 19.00-21.00
Venue: Lehetőségek tere, 1083 Práter u. 63.
Program: Screening 19.00-19.30, Discussion 19.30-21.00

Cecília Kovai, cultural anthropologist, member of the Institute for Regional Research at the Centre for Economic and Regional Studies, Eötvös Lóránd Research Network (ELKH), member of the Working Group for Public Sociology – “Helyzet”, Áron Szászi policy analyst working at Policy Solutions and at the Centre for Social Science Research, Ábel Visky, film director, Ágnes Blaskó and Krisztina Galgóczi, sociodrama group leaders, Sára Haragonics, director, Sára Perecz co-director

Moderated by: Hegyi Dóra