Lehetőségek tere (Space of Opportunity) has been running for half a year!

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We have settled in the new community space! The activities have been implemented together with young participants, but we are also open towards other age groups. There are different programs for high-schoolers and young adults (our target group are young people between 14-26), who meet at various events, and we aim to create even more meeting possibilities in the future.

Through the project titled “Colonia Herbaria. Community Spaces – Plant Subjects” plants moved into our community space, and which is also the first permanent installation as a result of the collaboration between artists and high- school students. As part of the next collaboration with artists, we will transform the handrail of our stairs leading to the gallery space to a functional construction, through a series of workshops with youngsters.

In the last half year, we offered regular workshops such as the “creating together through music and art” and the “movement and haiku workshop”. Recently a four-part sociodrama workshop series was running, organized in time close to the parliamentary elections in Hungary, addressing the understanding and acceptance of differing political perspectives.

In the near future, alongside with various artistic programs, we are planning art+tech+science workshop series, participation-based movie and theatre activities and programs dedicated to human rights. We will continue carrying out activities based on community experiences.

Since fall, we have a philosophy club on every Tuesday, where young adults have the possibility to exercise critical thinking through brief philosophical texts and creative practices. It is not unusual, that the three-hour long activities continue to run in nearby bars till late night.

Biweekly on Fridays, under the name of “Salon des Refusés”, (Salon of the Refused), we visit exhibitions. We are visiting exhibitions with a wide range of topics and concepts from contemporary art to historical venues to collect experiences about exhibitions as sites of publicity and experiential learning. During the exhibition visits, we share our impressions and compare them with our previous experiences to explore thoughts and approaches that lie behind different exhibitions.

We have started to run public programs, to which we welcome anyone, such as the communal jamming (Jam Trip), clothes swap events (Hanger Project), and in April we start open discussions with professionals about topics that youngsters propose to us (WTF?? series).

We have opened our doors to refugees as well. Currently, we organize open events “Embroidery for Peace” initiated by artist Eszter Ágnes Szabó. We also aim to reach out for refugees living in the area and help them to find their place in Budapest, by involving them in our community.

On April 30th, we will participants at the “Molnár Ferenc Park Spring Picninc” organized by local civic organisations. We build relationships with our neighbours: in the upcoming months, artist Miklós Mécs will initiate (almost) invisible interventions in houses and streets nearby as part of the project “Respectful Approach”.

For the summer, we will offer thematic workshops based on artistic activities and a summer camp.

We have had more than 30 people helping us achieving all this.

Thanks a lot for everyone!